Ryan Viken

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  1. Ryan explains things simply, and realistically (as seen in a quote below from him). He’s been a part in negotiating a strong contract for TriMet employees. He’s negotiated many other contracts in the steel industry. A friend of mine who saw him ‘in action,’ in TriMet’s/ATU757, states he ‘shined.” He “led.” He included everybody, and did not exclude her, like others had done. As men and women….we need to be proud to be in this union!! It absolutely needs to be REBUILT, REFORMED AND RESTORED! As far as I can tell….we are ‘broken.” Ryan “fixes.” “Heals.” Definitely one of the most positive, inspiring people I have met in my life. He doesn’t give up, even though so many have. I want our work environment to be a POSITIVE place. I can’t think of any other candidate, that could bring that to all groups. Genuinely and effectively. Not just in ‘words.”

    We will restore confidence in the ATU by setting a POSITIVE example, day in and day out. I pledge to work with the President, active employees, and RETIREES to foster and promote UNIONISM to protect and further the rights of all workers. When done correctly, starting at the top and working its way down, morale will improve, and SOLIDARITY will prevail!” -Ryan Viken

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