Bruce Hansen

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Many statements are being made about the 2012-2016 Working and Wage Agreement (WWA) that was negotiated and ratified by 94% of the voting members approving it. The approval percent has been the highest approval for ATU757. Links to the Interest Arbitration Opinion and Award along with the 2012-2016 WWA to help understand if statements about Bruce Hansen’s term as President are true.

Statements are being made that the Retirees were hit the hardest because of the contract that Bruce Hansen negotiated. Something to keep in mind is that the 2009-2012 contract went to arbitration and the arbitration ruling for that contract was not ruled on until July 2012. That ruling is what affected the retirees and Bruce Hansen was having to salvage what he could. If you read the Arbitration Award you will see that most of that language had to be carried through to the contract that Bruce Hansen was negotiating at the time.

It is easy for people to state that it was because of Bruce Hansen these negative actions took place upon our member when the actual truth is that the arbitration ruling is what did the harm. Don’t just listen to what is being stated. Take a little time to review the two documents provided here.

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Since 1994 Bruce has been continuing to build his experience so that he can help our membership grow. He has been a Shop Stewart, Executive Board Officer and served as our President 2012-2015. During his term as President, he had to overcome many obstacles. Some of these obstacles were: Our local’s bank account was at a balance of $27,229.00, the 2009-2012 contract arbitration decision that deeply affected our retirees, Tri-Met failing to fund OPEB obligations of the amount of over $710,779,733.00, Tri-Met’s hours of service issues being monitored by Oregon DOT and the number of splits being presented to operators. When his term ended in June 2015 ATU757’s the bank account was at a balance of $813,808.00, actions from the 2009-2012 contract arbitration decision had been brought under control, Tri-Met’s hours of service issues were addressed and though block signup started on a bad foot it was coming around and starting to work reducing the number of splits.

Bruce has the strongest skill sets to help move our membership forward. He has learned from his experiences and have found ways to improve our Union. His understanding of our Bylaw, Constitution, Laws that govern us and our contracts is what we need to improve our Union.

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  1. I know Bruce is the right person for the position of Local 757 because of his transparency and his willingness and efforts to represent all the properties.

    Bruce told me when we met he started his career at Laidlaw the previous private corporation to First Student. He told me he was trained by Jean Santos.

    Bruce impresses me with his knowledge and understanding of contracts and how they are applied. Contracts are always negotiated and there is a lot of give and take.

    Ever since the NLRA was voted on in Congress in the mid 1930’s employers have been taking away from employees. They banded together with lobbyists and got the Wagner Act passed passed in 1947 further taking away key components of equity for workers.

    Bruce is the best candidate understanding how our system favors the employers because they have more assets and attorneys fighting to take away from us! Bruce understands and accepts this challenge and he has my vote for President of the local.

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